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Benchtop Ultrasonic Tanks
Remote generator ultrasonic tanks are "industrial strength" ultrasonic tanks constructed of stainless steel with bonded piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers (40 kHz is standard, 25, 68, and 170 are also available). Each tank comes equipped with side-mounted thermostatically controlled electric heaters and a drain port and valve. Tank capacities assume a 2" freeboard. Matching static rinse tanks are also available. Standard sizes ship in stock to 20 days depending on options. Custom sizes are available.
Model Work Area Capacity U/S Output
MCU 2406 24" X 6" X 8"D 3.7 gal. 500W/40kHz
MCU 1114 11" X 14" X 11"D 6 gal. 500W/40kHz
MCU 3606 36" X 6" X 8"D 5.6 gal. 1000W/40kHz
MCU 1218 12" X 18" X 12"D 9 gal. 1000W/40kHz
MCU 6006 60" X 6" X 8"D 9.4 gal. 1500W/40kHz
MCU 1420 14" X 20" X 14"D 13 gal. 1000W/40kHz
MCU 2412 24" X 12" X 11"D 11.2 gal. 1000/40kHz
MCU 3612 36" X 12" X 11"D 16.8 gal. 1500W/40kHz
MCU 2020 20" X 20" X 16"D 24.2 gal. 1500W/40kHz
MCR 1824 18" X 24" X 18"D 33 gal. 1500W/40kHz
MCU 3624 36" X 24" X 16"D 52.4 gal. 3000W/40kHz
  Ask about Miraclean's custom single tank systems with PLC controls and filter/sparger loops.



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Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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