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Miraclean® is a division of Chautauqua Chemicals Company, Incorporated. Founded in 1951, Chautauqua Chemicals and its divisions have been in continuous operation ever since and have been recognized for outstanding product stewardship practices by the National Association of Chemical Distributors.


Miraclean®’s commitment to quality and responsiveness has resulted in an excellent reputation for reliability and service in the supplying of chemicals and related products, equipment, and technical expertise to customers ranging from small job shops to Fortune 500 companies.


Our services include:

  • free test-processing of your parts at our facilities,

  • chemistry and equipment recommendations, and

  • process development.

Miraclean® Terms and Conditions of Sale

Miraclean® Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Good and Services from Suppliers

Please visit the Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc., website at 

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