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Parts Washers

Designed as a small footprint workhorse, the Miraclean® Parts Washer combines industrial strength agitation and solid-state ultrasonics to deliver clean parts for a range of industries from medical devices to rebuilders. The Miraclean® Parts Washer features an operator-friendly NEMA control panel, easy access components, and an optional filter/sparger (surface skimmer) loop to trap soils and contaminants away from clean parts.


Miraclean® offers free test cleaning of parts to determine process recommendations, and as a division of Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc., supplies a wide selection of cleaners to meet particular cleaning challenges including the removal of buffing and lapping compounds and oils and greases.

Ultrasonic Parts Washer
Before ultrasonic cleaning
During ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonics plus agitation
After cleaning
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