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Nitric and Citric Passivation Lines

Miraclean® designs and builds both manual and automated passivation lines to meet exacting standards such as ASTM A380 and A967.


Available Performance Features Include: 

  • Process steps matched to your requirements, including the optimal sequence of cleaning, rinsing, passivating, neutralizing, and drying stages to meet your goals

  • Stainless steel and chemistry appropriate construction

  • Welded stainless steel, chemistry appropriate, and optional sanitary plumbing

  • Heavy duty ultrasonics with dedicated solid state generators in a range of frequencies

  • Counter-flow rinses to conserve water

  • Automatic chemistry and rinse quality control

  • Air blow off

  • HEPA filters

  • Custom racking and fixturing

  • System enclosures

  • Secondary containment

  • Allen Bradley PLC with color touch screen interface and remote diagnostics on automated lines, bar coding and statistical process control available

  • Exhaust systems and scrubbers

  • Waste treatment systems

Nitric Passivation System

Miraclean® Performs Process Development and Testing with a Complete Range of Process Chemistries.

Ask us about our citric passivation chemistry.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Chemistry
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