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Ultrasonic Cleaning Case Successes Include:

  • Machining oils from stainless steel and aluminum

  • Stamping lubricants from stainless steel, copper, and mild steel

  • Buffing compound from brass

  • Wax from glass lenses

  • Grinding compounds from tool steel hand tools

  • Plastic coating and tac from stainless steel sheets

  • Dirt and oils from high carbon tool steel tool holders

  • Particulates from plastic jewel cases

  • Grease and dirt from field-tested locomotive shafts

  • Gassing, flashing, plastic residue, and mold release from injection mold surfaces 

Standard Features:
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction

  • Immersible vacuum-brazed ultrasonic transducers with heavy-duty solid state generators

  • NEMA cabinet with oil-tight switches and digital read-out controllers

  • Manual override switches on components

  • System disconnect

  • Heater over-temperature protection

  • Dryer air-proving switch 

And Options:
  • Rotation, agitation, spray, and/or spray under submersion for enhanced parts cleaning action

  • Air spiders, air knives, & HEPA filters 

  • Tank covers

  • System enclosures

  • Stainless steel or CPVC plumbing

  • Solution management--oil skimmers, coalescers microfilters, deionizers, evaporators, conductivity & pH meters, automatic chemistry feed

  • Pull and/or push-pull exhaust

  • Manual hoists

  • PLC-controlled programmable automation

  • Date logging 

  • Bar coding

  • Material handling conveyors   

Models and Sizes*

MC-2000   12" 16" X 12"   10 gal. approx.

MC-3000   14" X 20" X 16"D   20 gal. approx.

MC-4000   18" X 24" X 18"D   34 gal. approx.

MC-5000   24" X 30" X 24"D   75 gal. approx.

MC-6000   30" X 36" X 30"   140 gal. approx.

MC-7000   36" X 48" X 36"   270 gal. approx.

Custom:  sized to your requirements

*Process stations vary according to cleaning requirements, but typically include at least one ultrasonic cleaning station, rinses, and a dryer. Single tanks are also available--please specify when requesting quote.

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